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  • Marrying the principles of origami with 3D printing, scientists have been able to create foldable, spring-loaded structures based on the humble, yet remarkable, earwig wing. Their applications could range from tents to solar sails on space probes. The earwig wing turns out to be more fascinating than it appears at
    Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Detroit Red Wings: Time, TV, radio info An alien star sideswiped our solar system and sent comets reeling, scientists say An alien star grazed our solar system 70,000 years ago 
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    The window seat of an airplane doesn’t just offer the best views, it also gives you the best chance of avoiding picking up an infection from your fellow travellers. That’s according to a study from the University of Florida. Read Full Article at RT.com
    Sick plane passengers most likely to infect people in next row, study finds The pandemic that threatens women globally Free flu vaccines for Qld's youngsters 
    ISTANBUL (AP) - Turkey's president has criticized anti-war students at a top university, calling them terrorists following a fight there.Recep Tayyip Erdogan...
    Parkland victim's father on anti-gun violence marches The Latest: Massive crowds at anti-gun rally in Florida Father of Parkland victim on anti-gun violence marches 

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