5 Key Factors in Pennsylvania’s Special House Election

By nytimes.us
2018.03.13. 18:40
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The race for a vacant House seat in a red district near Pittsburgh has evolved into the latest test of whether Democrats can make inroads with Trump voters.


nytimes.us - 5 Key Factors in Pennsylvania’s Special House Election
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    Some House Democrats wanted Nancy Pelosi out as their leader after they failed to win a string of 2017 special elections. And now some want the House minority leader out because they appear to have won a special election.
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    Ben Goldberger, assistant managing editor at Time Magazine, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the firing of FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, the most recent staff shake-ups at the White House and Pennsylvania's special election earlier this week.
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    Pennsylvania's tight congressional special election underscores the need for states to replace aging voting machines and use paper ballots as backups to ensure the integrity of vote counts ahead of pivotal November U.S. midterm elections, election security advocates said on Wednesday.Democrat Conor Lamb led Republican Rick Saccone by only a
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    In the wake of Conor Lamb's near-certain victory in a strongly conservative district in southwestern Pennsylvania on Tuesday, political handicappers are moving a slew of seats in Democrats' direction -- a reflection of a national political environment looking increasingly toxic for Republicans trying to hold their House majority this fall.
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    The results of Tuesday's special election in western Pennsylvania offer an ominous sign for Republican hopes of defending the House this fall. CNN is making changes to its rating of 17 House races -- all of them in the direction of the Democrats.
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