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  • EngadgetOnePlus is done selling its flagship 5T in North AmericaEngadgetIf you live in North America and you'd like to buy a OnePlus 5T, well, sorry — you're out of luck. Not just temporarily, either — the startup confirmed to Engadget that it has sold every OnePlus 5T it made for
    30 places Google says Americans want to buy vacation homes, from Canada to Argentina Wheels24.co.za | AS IT HAPPENED: Volkswagen debuts new flagship Touareg Wheels24.co.za | LIVE: Volkswagen debuts new flagship Touareg 
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  • Filed under: Finance, Personal Finance, EducationDespite America's quirks, it can seem fairly normal when compared with other countries. Take taxes, for example: Even when it comes to the most mundane of topics, countries overseas can devise some truly bizarre charges and fines. For example, Ireland and Denmark effectively tax cow flatulence
    The most bizarre creatures that live in polar regions Burt Reynolds responds to bizarre comments to Hoda Kotb Cardi B is angry over hefty taxes and asks where the money is going 
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    Angry Venezuelan oil workers demanding better benefits to counter crushing hyperinflation and food shortages clashed with security officials during a rare protest in the cafeteria of state oil company PDVSA's headquarters on Friday.Venezuela is home to the world's largest crude reserves but its creaking state-led economic model has all but
    Atlanta ransomware attack throws city services into disarray Venezuela oil workers clash with security officials in... UN official: No aid for controversial Venezuela election 
    Author: APSun, 2018-03-25 01:50ID: 1521834719447109600BEIJING: China announced a $3 billion list of US goods for possible retaliation in a tariff dispute with President Donald Trump and prepared on Friday for a bigger battle over technology policy as financial markets sank on fears of global disruption. The Commerce Ministry said higher duties on
    Tariff Battle: Where the U.S. and Chinese Moves May Lead Japan loses out amid China trade threat Asian markets plunge 

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